Lazurite Waves - Hat


Extremely warm and soft hand-knitted hat made of merino and mohair. Universal size. Original WAVES design.

I always strive to create something stylish, unique, and recognizable - and that is how the "Waves" collection was created. Due to my technique and professional accuracy "Waves" knitwear won't lose its shape or stretch out. 

Every piece is unique and hand-knitted by me - from choosing and mixing yarns to sewing the parts of the piece altogether. 


Merino, mohair

Care instructions

Machine wash at max 30°C/ 600 spins under the wool wash program. Do not hang the knitwear while it's wet. Do not bleach, dry clean, twist, or wring. This knitwear should be handled with care, as it may be damaged by objects like ring, handbag, bracelet, etc.