Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my knitwear in a washing machine?

Yes, you can! Machine wash is even more preferable than hand wash, because after machine wash knitwear comes out almost dry. Strictly follow our instructions on how to wash it properly - use wool program, don't put temperature higher than 30°C, put 600 spin speed. When you will take your knitwear out the washing machine, don't hang it, but put onto some surface to let dry. Never use centrifuge when washing a knitwear! 

Basically knitwear doesn't require frequent machine wash, for some garments (i.e. made of alpaca) being on a fresh air is quite enough to stay fresh.

How to keep my knitwear?

Keeping a knitwear is quite easy. It would be the best if you'd have a separate breathable box for it (i.e. use the ones from Ikea), but if you don't, just keep it on a shelf. However don't stuff it, knitted clothes need to have some space to keep in a good shape. Knitwear also could be hanged, but please use soft padded hangers and keep in mind that knitwear might grow a little bit after being hanged. I recommend to provide some protection from moth, as it likes natural garments and may damage your knitwear. 

Are there any Don'ts when wearing a knitwear?

Actually, wearing a knitted clothes causes only comfort and good vibes. However there are few things better to avoid, if you want to keep your knitwear in its best condition - try to prevent your knitwear from mechanical damage (large rings and bracelets, handbag's zipper etc). Keep in mind that your knitwear should be handled with care.
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