Celebrating 10 years of our beloved WAVES Collection

My goal is to craft elegant, expressive and recognisable design - that is how the WAVES collection is brought to life. The name WAVES was given because the pattern reminds of sea waves; besides I wanted my design to represent freedom, confidence and naturalness.

I've created and developed the pattern of the WAVES myself. This pattern is both beautiful and functional, providing comfort and style to anyone who wears it. 

Every WAVES piece of knitwear is unique and has a name. The price of each item depends on the type of the yarns used and the weight of the finished knit.

Knitwear from the WAVES collection attracts both men and women. I create clothes mostly for women, but men also appreciate my knitwear, mentioning its softness and elegance. Every model from the WAVES collection will grant all of the attention.

Quality is my top priority. I work only with the natural premium quality yarns from leading world’s manufacturers. I use yarns made from alpaca wool, merino wool, kid silk mohair, silk, angora, cashmere. Mixing different yarns, playing around with the pattern makes each piece to be outstanding and different. 

Thanks to my professionalism and technological capabilities, all my knitwear maintains its excellent quality. It can be machine washed and doesn’t require any special care.

Please note that the pattern and model known as WAVES are the intellectual property of the designer, Helena Tikunova. Any copying or reproduction of this design is strictly prohibited.