Spring Colibri - Poncho

This knitwear is available for pre-order. Processing takes up to 7-10 working days, then you will get the notification email with a tracking number as soon as your order is shipped.


Hand knitted poncho made from exclusive Japanese yarn Noro, which is known for its fabulous quality and beautiful colour palette. Each ball of this yarn is hand-dyed with natural dyes. These yarns are produced specially for hand knitted clothes and made only from the highest quality materials. Universal size.

Vibrant colour palette of cold shades of green and coral. More colour options available for pre-order.


Japanese Noro yarn: wool 45%, silk 25%, kid mohair  25%, nailon 5% 

Care instructions

Machine wash at max 30°C/ 600 spins under wool wash program. Do not hang the knitwear while it's wet. Do not bleach, dry clean, twist or wring. This knitwear should be handled with care, as it may be damaged by objects like ring, handbag, bracelet, etc.