About Helena Tikunova Design

My name is Helena Tikunova, I am a designer ​of handmade ​knitwear, made of the high quality yarns from greatest world manufacturers.

At the age of mass production and fast fashion I create unique handmade goods, that would serve you for a long time and delight the eye.

Here you will find the selection of unique handmade knitwear. I gladly accept pre-orders. Typically it takes up to 6 days for me to produce a large item. Pick a model, choose a colour you want it to be - and you will have a custom knitwear made specially for you.   

Helena Tikunova Design is a family business - while I’m focused on my designs, my daughter Polina and my husband Aleksander take care of advertising and finance. I think we have a very special bond working together as a team.

Each item is made with love and care, 
because knitting is my passion.  
Designer Helena Tikunova

100% Handmade

All my knitwear is 100% handmade, so each of it is unique of its kind. Besides, making clothes by hand reveals freedom for creativity - I offer wide range of patterns, models and colour palette. Most of my knitwear is oversize, so you are not stick with choosing a right size.

Best yarns, premium quality

I work only with the top high quality yarns of leading Italian, Japanese, Spain, Norway manufacturers like Katia Yarns and Fabrics, Noro, Lineapiu, Igea, Ecafil, DROPS Design etc. Most of my knitwear are made from alpaca, wool, kid silk mohair, silk, angora yarns. With a good care, my knitwear is time-proof - it keeps in good shape, the colours doesn't fade out and the fabric doesn't lint. Natural yarns bring exceptional feelings against your skin - it is just very pleasant to wear. For me as for a designer is very important, that client would feel great wearing my knitwear. 

I'm also a big fan of quality garment accessories and prefer to use pearl, shell, tree and rare Czech glass buttons for my knitwear.  

Machine wash allowed

All knitwear could be machine washed, but in order to keep your knitwear in its best condition, strictly follow our care instructions - wash at max 30°C/ 600 spins under wool wash program. 

My latest product catalog for 2020 is now online!