Käsitöö magazine

For many years I collaborate with the biggest Estonian magazine of handmade craft - "Käsitöö". I'm proud of being able to represent Estonian culture and fashion.

Nipiraamat magazine

In 2019 Nipiraamat featured the story of my pullover, which I made when I came to Estonia for the first time to stay. for good. Together with my husband Alexander we arrived to Tallinn in 1989. After almost 30 years I recreated that pullover for my daughter Polina. These pictures were made when eahc of us were 27 years old, in May, in Tallinn. 

Tallinn Fashion Week

In 2018-2019 I cooperated with Estonian fashion brand Brand NO8 - their collections for Tallinn Fashion Week ’18 and ’19 included handmade knitwear. 

Idea and design - Brand NO8
Execution - Helena Tikunova
Photos by Erlend Štaub and Brand NO8